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Life long gamer who loves online shooters more than the rest. Goes by j_Fr05ty online and is full of opinions that he uses to fuel this podcast.


Loves to game so much he's trying to make it a career! On top of his 9-5 day job and this podcast Matt is also a streamer. He goes by Teckneek on all social platforms including Twitch!

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The W-Key Podcast is your one-stop-shop for everything gaming and streaming. Keeping you in the loop with current news, details on new and current games, streamer drama, and our hot takes on all of it! Hosted by brothers Josh and Matt who are two plebs with a love for playing video games and following everything in the gaming/streaming industry. They have extensive experience W-Keying, which makes them perfect hosts for this podcast. As always, remember you can’t spell WIN without W!!!