Month: September 2019

Clamouranth…..I mean Amouranth unbanned after a lengthy 3-day ban……….

In the upcoming episode of W-Key Podcast, we discuss the clam flashing incident that happened on Amouranth’s stream from 9/8/19 (if you haven’t seen the clip try and find it because you’re getting her top tier paid Patreon content for free lul). This incident was actually handled somewhat swiftly by Twitch and within 12 hours…

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Where’d all the great games go??

I’m not sure if it’s me or if the industry is failing us. There aren’t many great games out there at the moment. I know that statement is going to draw a ton of flak from the Fortnite fanboys, Apex lovers, WoW grinders, and even the Minecraft maniacs. However, I stand by the statement, there…

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We’re Live!!!

Hello world, we are live. This site will allow us to give you fabulous people some more opinions on topics we might not cover on the weekly episodes. We hope to have daily content of various lengths. Keep an eye on us!!!

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