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Josh aka j_Fr05ty

Show Host

Just your average gamer, I’ve been playing games since the the original Nintendo console (love me some duck hunter).  I’ll play a bit of anything really, but my bred and butter are online FPS games.  I love listening to podcasts and like most people who create a podcast I said hey I could probably do this…

One text to my brother and co-host Matt that just had the podcast name in it and we were both on board.  I love to talk and I feel that I bring a unique opinion to the conversation.

Realistically I’m an internet nobody that loves all things gaming and streaming so on top of the busy schedule of my “adult” life I felt driven to add a gaming podcast to my already full plate and boom the W-Key Podcast was born!!!

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Matt aka Teckneek

Show Host

(╯°□°)–︻╦╤─ – – -Shoot First – – Place First- – –
Just your everyday gamer/streamer/podcast host if that’s a possible thing!!

I like to play a wide variety of games, everything from FPS/ BR competitive type games to story driven adventures like Legend of Zelda and The Last of Us.

I like to immerse myself in chat where possible while I’m streaming, and I like to follow all things gaming in my free time.

I might not have the skills to pay the bills as the kids say these days, but I like to think that I can entertain, and that’s why I stream and podcast!!!

About Our Podcast

The W-Key Podcast is your one-stop-shop for everything gaming and streaming. Keeping you in the loop with current news, details on new and current games, streamer drama, and our hot takes on all of it! Hosted by @j_Fr05ty and @teckneek, we’re two plebs who love playing video games and following everything in the gaming/streaming industry. We have extensive experience W-Keying, which makes us the perfect hosts for this podcast. As always, remember you can’t spell WIN without W!!!