Call of Duty in 2020

New year, new COD! 2020 will bring about a new entry into the Call of Duty franchise. We’ve speculated on prior episodes that given the direction and success of the Modern Warfare “reboot” that everyone is currently enjoying, a reboot of Black Ops would probably be a logical assumption for the next game. However, sources have told The Gaming Revolution that the next game will be a semi spin-off type of game set in the Cold War-era which is pinned to set up the Black Ops franchise. This game is being referred to internally as Call of Duty: Vietnam.

Rumors have been making their rounds alleging that the campaign will span the Cold War era, which includes both the Vietnam and Korean Wars. However, given the internal designation, it’s now in question whether the Korean War era will be a part of the game.  Like I mentioned this game is being set up as a catalyst for the Black Ops franchise so you will allegedly see some very important Black Ops characters like Frank Woods. This game will be developed primarily by Treyarch with Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software there to assist in development.

It’s possible that this game will take some inspiration from a canceled CoD game referred to as Fog of War. Development was started on this game in 2014 by Infinity Ward but when Jason West and Vince Zampella left and formed Respawn Entertainment the game was shifted over to Sledgehammer but it was eventually abandoned and Sledgehammer moved to develop CoD: WWII which released in 2017.

Call of Duty is in a pretty good place right now, they moved back to a more grounded playstyle; unlike Black Ops 3, got back to a gritty and brutal story style; which we hope continues, and released a very well made BR called Warzone.  With this rumored game said to be setting up the Black Ops franchise it has us and many other hopeful because the Black Ops franchise is one of the more loved entries into the CoD universe.

Major things are still up in the air from our perspective though. How are they going to handle Warzone? Will they make a brand-new BR and kick Warzone to the curb? This is a very foolish path in our opinion, but it is something I would not put past Activision. I think they need to give us another great entry in the story and multiplayer aspects while somehow finding a way to integrate the game’s content into Warzone. Whether that be a new map to choose from or adding new locations and additional weapons to the current map and lot of Warzone. Either way, they need to keep Warzone evolving like what Fortnite has done and not alienate its player base by tossing it aside and giving us a “new” BR to play with its new CoD.

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