Clamouranth…..I mean Amouranth unbanned after a lengthy 3-day ban……….

In the upcoming episode of W-Key Podcast, we discuss the clam flashing incident that happened on Amouranth’s stream from 9/8/19 (if you haven’t seen the clip try and find it because you’re getting her top tier paid Patreon content for free lul). This incident was actually handled somewhat swiftly by Twitch and within 12 hours she was banned. We all knew it wasn’t going to be a permaban, even though she’s past the 3 strikes mark Twitch supposedly “holds” all their creators too, even so, we speculated a 30-day ban was probably in her future. Nope, Twitch in yet another move that makes them look incredibly bad and inconsistent has unbanned her account as of today. This brings her punishment for flashing genitalia (albeit unintentionally) to a whopping 3 whole days. Way to go Twitch you really showed her, they’re handing out wrist slaps to their most profitable partners for clear cut violations of their TOS while trying to preach equality and rules that apply to everyone. Com’on Twitch you can do better than that, and if you want your platform to survive you HAVE to do better than that.

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