COD: Modern Warfare Season 3 Starts April 8th

With the addition of Warzone and all the hype surrounding that, I am guilty of forgetting that season 2 is nearing its end. The start of season 3 is slated for April 8th and we’re here to give you all the info you’ll need to know about the upcoming season!

New Maps
It seems that there will be two new maps slated for season 3 as of now. The two maps will be re-imaginations of COD4’s Backlot and MW3’s Village. I’ll start by saying hell yeah. Both Backlot and Village were fun maps, they’re not some of the most iconic maps which people are still clamoring for but they were fun and should be good additions to the game. The thing I’ll about the remade maps is they haven’t been as enjoyable as I thought they would’ve been. I like them for sure but in my opinion in the current state of Modern Warfare, they aren’t my favorite. I have always felt that if they are recreating them as a one for one copy then the vaulting and mantling system allows players to get into spots that give good sightlines and can cause issues. My assumption is they aren’t doing a one for one copy and they’re taking the mantling into account. However, I’ve felt this way in Crash especially and feel that there are some op spots in the new version of Crash that may not have existed in the older version.

New Weapons
There are two new weapons slated to be introduced into the game. They are the SKS sniper and the Renetti pistol. I like the fact that they keep adding weapons into the game and that they are still part of the free battle pass tiers. However, I have two issues, one being I personally want more useful guns to be added (AR’s and SMG’s) and not so many snipers or pistols. Since these are the first new Sniper and Pistol respectively I’m not super bent out of shape I just don’t want it to become the norm. The second issue is the placement of them in the battle pass tiers. I hope they do the sniper earlier on and the pistol later. If you’re like me and don’t have a ton of time to grind or you have other games you enjoy playing making it to the higher tier may be problematic and then you missout on a sniper instead of a pistol, which let’s be honest are mostly useless.

There are some additions slated for Warzone as well. The biggest one, in my opinion, is the fact that they are adding more playlists ie duos and quads. I think this is necessary given the fact that the fill system in my experience never works. I’ve played with a friend of mine for 4 hours and only gotten one teammate fill which blows my mind given the number of people playing this game. There are several other playlists coming but I would say quads and duos are the most desired therefore the most important ones to mention. At this time there is still no mention of a ranked playlist so they’re still dropping the ball on this if you ask me. In the recent strategy guide that Activision launched with Warzone, they have many areas listed as “classified” which to me would lead me to believe that there will be changes to the map with areas added. I know for a fact that there are random bunkers located throughout the map that myself and others have found so my assumption is that all or some of these will be opened in season 3 and they will contain high teir loot.

As of now those are the major things you should know about and I’m hoping that they’re working on other things of importance like a damn anti-cheat or report function to help cut some of these obvious hackers out of the game. Until then we’ll just have to deal with it. Happy hunting and we’ll see you on the Warzone!!!

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