COD Season Four Reloaded Update…

COD Modern Warfare 2019 (like we need that bit of info…. we all know we’re talking about the newest COD and not the one released in 2007) just got another sizeable update and we’re going to dissect the patch notes and let you know what is worth your attention!!! Keep in mind most of our opinions will be framed around usefulness in Warzone cause who plays Multi-Player….

The biggest thing I was looking forward too and I think what most people were also are the nerfs to the Grau 5.56 and the MP5 so lets break those down.

Grau 5.56

  • Damage range reduction
  • Slight increase to high frequency recoil
  • Reduced recoil compensation and decreased range on Tempus 26.4″ Archangel and FSS 20.8′ Nexus barrels

So let’s break this down…. They reduced the damage range overall, this is good hopefully the Grau will no longer beat out sinpers at 300m. They increased the recoil at high frequency, what this means is the more you hold fire to spam shots the more recoil there will be (hopefully). Finally the reduced the recoil compensation for the two most popular barrels. So this in theory should make controlling the recoil harder as they reduced the natural compensation the barrels added when attached. All of this sounded like it would be good for the game and hopefully shift the meta. However in my early experience in watching some streams (I’m a working man so I can’t play just watch…) it doesn’t seem that the nerfs have done enough to knock the Grau off it’s throne. This is disappointing and I really hope they see this and make further tuning adjustments.


  • Decreased damage range
  • Decreased 10MM damage range
  • Reduced long range damage to 10MM ammo
  • Slight recoil increase to 10MM ammo

This is odd in my opinion, who used the 10MM ammo regularly?? Watch any high level players and they’re using the 45 round magazine not the 10MM ammo. The decreased damage range would help with the 45 round attachment but will it be enough? The MP5 is so dominant up close so that nerf may also prove to be useless in dethroning the MP5.

Other Weapon Changes of Note

  • Galil (CR-56 AMAX) M67 rounds max ammo increased (more bullets in the mag big whoop who uses this attachment) and decreased damage range (why do this wouldn’t you want something to compete with the Grau??)
  • SCAR Default mags start at 25 (cool but did they increase the max count in the largest mag attachment cause if not no one cares)
  • Oden also gets Default mag increase to 25 (see my point above…)
  • AX-50 increased damage range (this could be good but do the bullets still drop like crazy??
  • HDR guaranteed one hit to lower torso at any range (is this one hit down or one hit break armor because that’s important.. my guess one hit break armor because one hit down to lower torso is too op)
  • Kar98K increased ADS speed and increased damage range (good this thing at range is a pee shooter compared to a game like PUBG where it dominated)
  • Dragonuv increased ADS speed, 2 hit kill minimum, gun recoil returns to center more and faster rate of fire (honestly still going to be a useless weapon)

Warzone Specific changes

  • 200 player Warzone!!! (this is supposedly a limited time Quads only mode but still cool)
  • Spotter scope, this is a new tactical that has the power of a sniper scope with no glint and is reusable so you can scan and mark enemies without giving up your position (this is cool and in trios or quads I assume it will have a place as there isn’t a need for all team members to have heartbeat sensors)
  • Supply Run Contracts, this is a new contract and upon activation you will be shown a by station that you’ll need to reach within the time limit given to get discount on station purchase (are they doing away with fire sales or are they giving us this because fire sales happen so infrequently? This helps when there are multiple squad mates that need to be revived and you don’t want to take the king contract)
  • new Gulag weapons, semi auto rifles, snipers and just fists and throwing knives (this is cool but will make the gooly more campy in my opinion)

Additional Things of Note

  • shoot the ship 24/7 is coming back (love this, it’s the only way to properly cammo grind..)

All in all it seems like a good patch and they’re trying to address some of the major weapon issues that just make the game stale and boring. However, it does seem like their nerfs haven’t been enough as of writing this most streamers seem to concur that the Grau hasn’t really changed much. Be sure to check back for more info and we’ll keep you posted on any additional changes!

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