Cyberpunk 2077 apparently won’t be a ‘full-blown, next-gen’ game at launch

So this is not the news we want to hear in the midst of a quarantine that’s driving us all insane. The game as is at launch apparently won’t be a full-blown next-gen experience. There are a couple of things to factor into this so that you can have the full picture.

Everything Xbox
The first thing we’re going to look at is everything from the Xbox side of things since there are some differences as one would imagine. In February CD Projekt Red announced that it would support Xbox’s new cross-buy smart delivery system. For those of you who don’t know what that is briefly speaking it allows players to buy a game once and play it across multiple Xbox generations (given the developer supports the system). These games bought on Xbox one and played on the Series X can sort of be looked at as an enhanced Xbox One games. Knowing that Cyberpunk 2077 will be one of the games to get this treatment is important to keep in mind moving forward.

Everything Playstation

At this time Sony hasn’t confirmed anything regarding a system similar to what Xbox is rolling out. They will support backward compatibility but they haven’t addressed anything in terms of getting an enhanced game when buying it on the PS4 and playing it on the PS5. Hell, they haven’t even commented on whether or not you’ll get a free upgrade to the PS5 version if you buy the PS4 version prior to the next-gen launch.

What all of this means
Generally what this all boils down to is that there won’t be a proper, full-blown next-gen version of the game ready for when the Xbox Series X and PS5 launches. CD Projekt Red has said that it is going to come later but at this point, they haven’t announced when that will be. This is sort of crap if you ask me but not totally unexpected when looking at the release timing. Cyberpunk is still on track to come out in September of this year and as most of you know the next-gen consoles are scheduled to be released during the holiday season. Taking the release schedule into account and the fact that they’ve put so much work into the game as is just for a current-gen launch it doesn’t surprise me that it’ll take some time to get the game to a full-blown next-gen experience. My guess is there is a lot to do under the hood of the game to truly make it a next-gen game and that will take time. They’re more focused on getting the game out on time and then addressing any issues and patches that may need to be made right off the bat. All of those factors contribute to this and I know some people won’t be happy about this but I’m here to say tough shit deal with it! You can’t rush perfection and so far CD Projekt Red’s track record for games actually worth playing is one of the best so you should be willing to wait, knowing you’ll get a top tier experience.

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