Everything you need to know about the Doc’s Twtich Ban….

So if you don’t know by now DrDisrespect was banned on Friday 6/26. The ban was handed out while he was live and when you watch the video (now made into multiple YouTube videos) of the end of his stream he does seem very different, out of character, and nervous about something about to happen. In classic Doc fashion his last word on Twitch; presumably forever, was FUCK!! The abrupt nature of the ban and then the many reports coming out directly after “confirming” the ban was permanent has led many people to scramble looking for reasons Twitch would perma ban one of their most prolific and watched entertainers on the platform. As it stands now based on the info that’s out there and all the “interpretation” of tweets put out by people who claim to be in the know there seems to be three major prevailing theories around the ban and we’re going to break them down for you.


With all the recent issues with DMCA strikes on the platform this was originally the most plausible reason for his ban. Doc plays a lot of music on his stream while not gaming. Granted its not main stream music (like NickMercs plays) but none the less its music that could receive DMCA strikes. This theory came on hot quickly but has died off just as quick. The reason this theory doesn’t seem to hold weight anymore are all the various tweets from people supposedly in the know making it sound like the reason is very very bad. A DMCA strike/takedown is something a lot of streamers and YouTubers have had to deal with and it was “confirmed ” by slasher that this wasn’t the reason behind the ban.


This is the basis of the second theory, and with all the stories being shared on Twitter of the rampant sexual abuse/assault that has been happening in the gaming/streaming world this theory, to most, seems to be the most believed reason for the ban. There are a lot of pieces of evidence; that when interpreted the right way, would seem to back up this theory. First is the end of his stream that I mentioned in the intro. He seemed pretty normal until he checks his phone at one point and that’s where everything turns. This theory isn’t ours it’s info found all over Twitter and the comments of YouTube. It follows this path, he gets the message that the authorities are on their way due to the “suspected” sexual abuse/assault and that’s when he checks his phone and his demeaner changes. As the video progresses you see his wife who goes by Mrs. Assassin, come in and tell him something. It is speculated that this is telling him the police are outside his streaming space and he needs to shut the stream down. Then the final part is the very end of the video he gets all flustered, some claim to hear a loud noise in the video that they’re claiming is the police breaking busting into his streaming space. They also use the fact that the Doc seems to be looking around the room in panic as he yells Fuck and his stream ends. Again, it hasn’t been confirmed anywhere that this is what actually happened and there has been no statement from any law enforcement agencies in his area of California confirming that Guy (the man behind the Doc persona) was arrested for sexual related crimes. ShannonZKiller and Slasher both have tweeted similar things that they know why the ban happened, it’s really bad, and due to the severity and sensitivity of the reasons they aren’t going to say why he was banned. These tweets have further fanned the flames of this theory. Here’s my take on this theory, is it possible yes it is. I would like to say that he’s above that because I do enjoy his streams but with all the stories coming to light on twitter it’s definitely within the realm of possibility. Do I think this is the reason? I’m hesitant and I tend to say no and there are a couple of reasons for this. First unless his wife was in on it why would she be some complacent when she found out the cops were on their way or when they were in her home (assuming that those events actually happened). Second reason and probably the bigger one is where are the arrest logs? Arrest logs are public info and if he was legitimately arrested and taken into custody there would be a public record of this. People use the quickness of the ban the fact that he lost sponsors almost immediately to point to the validity of this theory but, the fact that there is no arrest record present sort of shoots holes in this theory. Put it this way Twitch’s Director of Partnerships has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault/abuse and they haven’t even taken disciplinary action towards him yet. So if they’re not even disciplining staff with suspected events happening why would they ban Doc for suspected events? It would have had to have been proven, he would have had to have been charged and arrested and there would have had to have been an arrest record.


The third and final theory is that he was in talks to jump ship. Given that he just reupped and signed a contract with Twitch this would be a breach and legal action could be taken by Twitch. That would be why the ban happened so quickly and why there hasn’t been anything made public because there’s a lot of NDA related stuff and legal issues to sort through. There has been claims that he was in talks with Spotify to jump to a supposed streaming platform they’re building and he was recruiting streamers to jump with him. There are rumors that a new streaming platform called Brime has swooped in and he got a deal he couldn’t refused and is jumping to them. There is even a Tencent owned streaming platform called Trovo that has a DrDisrespectLIVE channel and on Sunday (6/28) the info claimed it was the new exclusive home of DrDisrespect with all his social links and a link to his website (as of writing this the info is currently blank). There are holes in all these theories but I do tend to lean more towards this idea. However the biggest point against this theory is the fact that he so openly bashed Ninja and Shroud for making the jump to Mixer because Twitch was still top dog and that’s the only place you should be to be successful.

There is a possible 4th option and that this is all a giant publicity stunt but I tend not to buy into this one all that much but I figured it would be worth mentioning to some extent.

All three have their holes and it’s easy to frame what little info we have in a way that fits any of the three options, it simply depends on how you see the Doc. Some hate him and want nothing to do with him so they’re supporters of theory #2 others like myself love his content and persona and enjoy his stream so we frame the evidence at hand in a way that more fits into theory #3. Either way this is something that’s cracked into mainstream media, ESPN has an article about this and the social media world was full of people saying “I don’t know who this DrDisrespect guy is but I need to know why he was banned”. Either way we’ll keep you up to date so check back for more info as it becomes available!

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