Ghost of Tsushima is shaping up to be an interesting game!!

If this game wasn’t on your radar then it should be because everything I’ve been reading coming out of Sucker Punch (the developer of the game) has me pretty excited for this game! Sucker Punch isn’t new to sandbox open-world games, they were the developers behind the Infamous series. Not to get everyone sidetracked but how good were those games! However, they’re doing some things with Ghost of Tsushima that are a bit off the beaten path.

In-Game Navigation
According to Sucker Punch navigating the world that will make up the game will require players to rely more on physical landmarks and an understanding of the world in order to explore. This bucks the traditional trend of waypoints highlighting where the next mission is or even where side quests are located. This is interesting, to say the least, I don’t think I’ve ever played a game of this style with no waypoints to show you where you need to go. There are obviously other games that do similar things, Minecraft and Escape From Tarkov comes to mind right away. These games have not waypoints and no map of any kind really so you’re left to figure it all out yourself…or go to Google.

Allies Can Turn On You
We don’t know much about the overall story of the game but what we do know are some bits and pieces about the main character. The main character’s name is Jin Sakai and he was trained as a samurai but at some point has adopted ninja-like skills to attempt to take down the Mongol hoard invading his lands. What this means in-game is that you’ll be able to choose between samurai abilities or ninja abilities to dispatch enemies and progress through combat. Overall that doesn’t sound all that revolutionary. The hitch is depending on which allies are around you during combat the abilities that you chose in combat can impact the future interactions with those allies. As an example Sakai’s uncle who is also a samurai doesn’t like the ninja-skills and using them in front of him could negatively impact your relationship with that character if you use them too much.

This may not sound like much but this coupled with videos and screenshots I’ve seen of gameplay has me very excited for this game. Keep us bookmarked in your browser and check back in for more news about Ghost of Tsushima!!

Update 4/15/20
Looks like some of the waypoint info may not be entirely accurate as it’s been noted that the original sources of that info revealed that its reports were a bit inaccurate and the final game may not reflect what was reported. This is a bummer but either way, we’ll keep you in the loop!!

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