GTA VI is in EARLY devlopment…

GTA games are always fun and in the most recent installment, they’ve done a lot to keep the game relevant considering it was released in 2013. This is reflected in the fact that GTA V is the second highest-selling game of all time with 120 million copies sold. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting the next game and as of yesterday, we got a glimmer of hope.

I say a glimmer because in the report Rockstar states that this entry into the GTA universe is still in early development. With the development time needed for the caliber of game Rockstar usually puts out it stands to reason that we won’t see GTA VI for 4 years. This is compounded by the fact that there were many issues raised by employees over the working conditions, hours of overtime and other HR-related stuff during the Red Dead Redemption 2 development. All of these things and Rockstar’s recent promise to change operating practices in order to no longer have the issues listed above should lead everyone to believe that they will take the development of the new GTA slower to avoid running into these issues all over again.

This has GTA fans in a tissy because they want their GTA and they want it now. It is somewhat understandable since there hasn’t been a true GTA game this gen (GTA V was released 2 months before the PS4 was released). However they did bring us Red Dead 2 which was a masterpiece, but we need to remember the internet is greedy and everyone on it wants to have it all.

We’ll be looking forward to the new GTA and we’ll be here to keep you up to date on any news surrounding it’s development so keep us bookmarked and follow us on Twitter for updates!!

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