-Episode Starts at 1:42-

In this episode we have a lot to cover!!  We touch on the current legal affairs of Epic and Apple….. if  you didn’t know Epic is suing Apple and Google so that’s fun!!  The new trailer and gameplay footage for Gotham Knights was just dropped and it’s safe to say that we’re excited for this game!  Halo Infinite gets a delay so they can make us the “best Halo game possible” aka the graphics were shit and the consumers called them out!  CoD Black Ops: Cold War has officially been confirmed and a  release trailer is coming out on the 26th at 1:30 pm EST.  Finally we talk about Fall Guys!!!  This game has swept the nation and become an overnight sensation.  We talk about it’s potential and also rip on a certain streamer that is incredibly bad at the game…..

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