#35 – Warzone Meets Cold War!!!!

Episode Content Starts at 9:40

We bring you down memory lane with our new tradition of this week in gaming!!!  There are some big things that have happened in this week over the years!  Sony’s giving you a 50/50 shot at a quieter gaming experience.  Cyberpunk 2077 is dropping finally and there’s a lot of good but also some bad.  A new season of Fortnite is out and Frosty couldn’t care less but apparently it’s not too bad….  The Avengers game, which we both had high hopes for, has belly flopped into the gaming pool with very lack luster sales and a quickly diminishing player base.  Season 1 of Cold War and Season 7 of Warzone are set to drop in one week!!!!  This was delayed but hey we’re getting it one way or another.  We hit on all the major things we think you need to know!!! 

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