Riot Games and Valorant look to Crack Down on Hackers…

Hackers in video games are the scum of the earth. They’re right up there along side kids in Warzone (or any BR for that matter) who camp in bathrooms all game long waiting to ruin your fun only to die seconds later from the zone. If you’ve been playing Warzone at all lately you know that game is filled with hackers and it’s becoming a real problem for the player base and it’s really souring people on the experience of playing the game.

Valorant wants to be different
With the issue of hackers always present and the fate of games hanging on what the developer does about said hackers its good to hear that the dev’s of Valorant are putting this issue in the forefront of development and will be implementing many things to help curb hackers and keep the experience in tack for the rest of us. One common hack you tend to see in online FPS multiplayer games is the tried and true wallhack. Valorant wants to make the traditional wallhacks obsolete by instituting a fog of war type of system (if you’ve played any Command & Conquer you know what it is). While we don’t know the nitty-gritty of the system what we do know comes straight from Riot “opponents being non-existent up until they are visually present on your monitor – rendering classic wall hacks obsolete“. How I interpret this is the game running on your PC doesn’t even know where enemies are until you see them so wallhacks, as we know them, won’t function.

On top of that according to Riot Games, the servers are where the special sauce is. The way it’ll work for Valorant is the servers have all the power and the client is just a shell that is always being monitored by the anti-cheat software they’re calling Vanguard. This all means that the servers have to be very important, but this was always going to be the case since they’re shooting for a 128 tick rate for their servers. This will give players a buttery-smooth interaction, all but remove peakers advantage (and possibly give you a defenders advantage), and cut down on that dreaded desync.

All in all this game is shaping up to be a great addition to the team-based, hero-ish shooter genre toeing the line between something like Overwatch mixed with the gunplay and mechanics of CS:GO. We’re looking forward to it and the embargo was lifted yesterday so go check out some gameplay on YouTube, you won’t regret it!!

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