Sony wants you to stay inside!!

Let’s face it you have a limited number of games to play during quarantine, and if you’re possibly in the over 6 million people who have filed for unemployment you may not have money to buy new games. Well, Sony has you covered!! All they ask is that you stay inside and play these games.

Sony announced their Play at Home initiative which will bring games to all of us in isolation and support those who create the games we’re all using to pass this quarantine.

On to the nitty-gritty, you’re probably saying well what the hell do we get with this initiative?? Sony is giving you two free games to download regardless of being a PlayStation Plus member. The two games are Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey. Now you might be saying “only two games that’s not enough” but you have to remember that the Nathan Drake Collection is actually three full games, great ones I might add. So, in reality, you’re getting 3 excellent games and one I’ve never played but have heard its good. Either way, it’s a lot to help pass the time.

These games will be available to download from 4/16/20 up until 5/6/20. Once these games are downloaded they are yours to keep whether or not you have PlayStation Plus!

Sony isn’t just trying to help the gamers but they’re also helping small independent studios with a 10 million funding package to go to those that have been affected by the Corona. More info on this package will come at a later day so for now all we know is that they’re trying to show support to the industry!

Hate em or love em Sony is doing a nice thing to help the gamers and the industry. Let us know what you think of the games and the initiative!! Will you be going out and downloading these ASAP? Let us know!!!

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