Everything you need to know about the Doc’s Twtich Ban….

So if you don’t know by now DrDisrespect was banned on Friday 6/26. The ban was handed out while he was live and when you watch the video (now made into multiple YouTube videos) of the end of his stream he does seem very different, out of character, and nervous about something about to happen….

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Clamouranth…..I mean Amouranth unbanned after a lengthy 3-day ban……….

In the upcoming episode of W-Key Podcast, we discuss the clam flashing incident that happened on Amouranth’s stream from 9/8/19 (if you haven’t seen the clip try and find it because you’re getting her top tier paid Patreon content for free lul). This incident was actually handled somewhat swiftly by Twitch and within 12 hours…

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