The Next Generation is Here!!!

The next generation of the Xbox has been officially announced!!! Named the Xbox Series X, it debuted during the 2019 Game Awards last night. This thing looks interesting, Microsoft isn’t unfamiliar with releasing a giant black box and they’re doing it for 2 generations in a row. With all the memes around how it looks, it’s supposedly packing some serious power. Microsoft states that the Series X is targeting 4K/60 for all games, it has 4x the CPU power of the One X and 2x the GPU power. On paper, that definitely sounds like a beast of a console. If Kotaku’s recent report is to be believed what we saw last night is most likely the beefier and; more importantly, pricier variant of the next-gen Xbox consoles. They reported that there were going to be two versions one targeting the 4K/60 (series X) and one targeting 2K/60 which they codenamed Lockheart. Either way, the Series X does boast some impressive stats coming in at around 12 teraflops of processing power. That’s complete jibberish to me but basically it puts it on par power-wise with some of the fastest current PC GPUs. This bad boy hits shelves holiday season 2020 and I wouldn’t hold your breath for anything less than 500$ so be prepared.

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