The Xbox Series X Controlers are Still Using Batteries and it doesn’t Bother Me…..

I don’t know if it’s quarantine getting everyone or there’s a secret war waging against AA batteries. Everyone is up in arms about the Xbox Series X controllers still using removable AA batteries and honestly, I don’t get the outrage. Sure when they die mid-fight in Warzone I’ll probably have a different opinion as I’m throwing the controller across the room and searching every remote I own in order to scavenge a couple of precious batteries. But for now, we’ve got bigger issues to worry about like is the console even going to release on time and are there going to be any good games to play at launch. All of those things are much more important than whether your batteries are removable or not. On top of all that I don’t really use my console much anymore because I’ve converted to the PC master race so my opinion probably doesn’t matter much anyway……

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