Warzone bans more players!!!

If you’ve played Call of Duty: Warzone then you probably know that it has a cheating problem that if left unchecked will ruin the game for sure. In a statement on Monday, April 13th Infinity Ward, Warzone’s developer, posted a message to it’s more than 50 million players.

The message was that they have banned more than 70,000 players worldwide due to cheating. This is up from the 50,000 players it banned a the end of March. These big bans help the experience of the game for sure and they are looking to continue to release “dedicated security updates” to help curve the cheating issue even more. Building up better in-game reporting tools is also apparently in the works as well, this would be nice because using the recent players list to report someone is a very arduous task, to say the least. This has been previously alluded to as Infinity Ward has told players previously to expect a “streamlined” UI for reporting however the full specs haven’t been released as of now and we’re just going to have to take their word for it.

This all sounds great but what will it actually amount to and when will we see it are the big questions. I’ll admit that I’m not up there super high in the “hidden” skill-based matchmaking, so I don’t run into a ton of cheaters but I also don’t run into zero cheaters. I think that is the big take away, as of now there are cheaters everywhere in the game and if left unchecked it will destroy this game. I was recently watching Tim streaming Warzone (before Valorant came out) and I think it was 4 out of 6 games they played they were killed by cheaters. That’s an insane percentage, 66% for those wondering at home. Can you imagine playing a game for fun; or work in his case, and 66% of the games you play have cheaters running wild!! It’s insane and I truly hope that Infinity Ward is taking serious measures to crack down like they should but I won’t believe it till I see it.

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